Oakland Genomics Center (OGC)

Award-Winning East Bay Collaborative Lab Space.

Available for discerning [bio | food | green]-tech startups at 2945 Webster Street, Oakland, CA

Punch Above Your Weight

Two floors of fully equipped space, total of 15,000 sq ft, 40 benches, 2 conference rooms, 2 kitchens, 4 private offices, multiple shared desk spaces. Spaces can be configured as private/shared. Flexibility in space and terms. Over 40 companies have gone through the space, and expanded elsewhere after raising their series-A rounds.

OGC for Large Teams

Make friends, share lab equipment, work on joint projects, and bounce ideas off of other professionals in your field without having to worry about IP disclosure, since OGC makes sure only non-competing startups co-share space together.

OGC for Small Teams

Choose OGC to get a headstart and work together in a collaborative environment with established startups as well as budding entrepreneurs.

OGC for Individuals

Biotech entrepreneurs must be willing to hustle and think outside the box. Find out how OGC can help individual biotech researchers get ahead.


Valuable Perks Designed for Biotech Businesses


Secure Car Parking Spots. Park your car worry-free while you work hard on your startup.


Common Lab Equipment

24/7 Access

Work when you want.


Amazing Location
Take 30 seconds to book a calendar slot and we will get in touch.
San Francisco isn’t the only option on the bay!

Choose Oakland
For Your Next Best Idea

Oakland offers access to funding, a strong community, talented workforce, affordable costs, and pro-business policies. With a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and a supportive community, Oakland is a great place for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. 

Our Story

Anitha founded Girihlet, a biotech startup that works on the Immune Repertoire and Autoimmunity. As she graduated from IndieBio, she was not sure where she could move, there were no spaces for companies that had raised a seed round, but were not big enough to afford a fancy space of their own.

Thus started a search for suitable space in the bay area. After narrowing down to the East Bay, as a preferred area, due to access to reasonable housing (in Oakland), proximity to academic centers (Berkeley, UCSF), companies (in Emeryville), it was clear there was nothing available.

Our vision at Oakland Genomics Center is to

  • Create a space with several companies sharing duties, knowledge, equipment and expertise.
  • Allow cross-pollination and enable small companies to punch over their weight.

The building is owned by a visionary, Dave, who like our ideas and let us grow into the building. we started out with a single room and brought in more companies and started renting bigger portions of the building, till we took over the whole building.

And Oakland is a great place to call home.


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A Datacentric Approach to Treat Autoimmune Patients

Anitha Jayaprakash, CEO and founder of Girihlet Inc., shares her mission of building a company that would create the tools to monitor, diagnose and treat complex autoimmune disease patients effectively.
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Since 2015, Oakland Genomics Center has enabled more than 35 biotech startups to make Oakland their home. And those companies have created more than 100 biotech jobs for the East Bay.
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ViralAlert, an OGC project, is an Xprize (Rapid Covid-testing) Finalist

Finalist teams were selected out of a pool of 219 semifinalists following the judging of a detailed questionnaire pertaining to each team’s qualifications and blind proficiency testing.
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A blog discussing the latest trends and innovations in the biotech industry, with a focus on the community and collaborative environment at OGC.

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  • OGC was incredibly valuable for Amaryllis Nucleics. The space and location are fantastic but also the people are incredible. It provided a lot of what I missed from acedemia.

    Bradley Townsley
    CEO, Co-Founder at Amaryllis Nucleics
  • OGC has a fantastic location and is a great place for a Startup!! Circularis’ success relied heavily on the people we met there and the collaborative resources that were shared and organized by the OGC!

    Mat Falkowski
    CEO of Circularis
  • OGC was our first lab space – not only did we make our first discoveries there, but we benefited from rubbing elbows with other startups – the OGC alumni is a growing list of successes!

    Jim Astwood
    Chief Technology Officer, TerViva
  • Access to OGC resources and community has been pivotal in much of our platform development work since 2017. If you are looking for the big benefits of community synergy in an affordable package then reach out to OGC!

    Eluemuno R Blyden
    Founder/CEO at Avril Biopharma
  • The space has helped us survive and thrive in the bay area and helped us connect to numerous customers and collaborators.

    Ravi Sachidanandam
    Chief Scientific Officer at Girihlet
  • The OGC is a great environment to incubate your startup. We incubated our startup there all the way to acquisition and our neighbors and Anitha were terrific in sharing advice and resources! An intellectually stimulating environment!

    Omar Ali
    Senior Director of Research at Lyell Immunopharma

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