Explore OGC for Large Teams

OGC offers a unique opportunity for large teams to work in a collaborative environment. Make friends, share lab equipment, work on joint projects, and bounce ideas off of other professionals in your field without having to worry about IP disclosure, since OGC makes sure only non-competing startups co-share space together. 

Plans for large private spaces starting from 5K.

Equipped with fume hoods, lab benches, and conference rooms, large teams can quickly get to work.

  • Private Lab rooms available.
  • Space ranging from 5000sq ft rooms to 10,000sq ft.
  • Furnished/ Unfurnished BSL1 and BSL2 level rooms.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other perks that large teams can get at OGC?

Glad you asked! Through OGC,you do get several additional perks!

  • Free access to Fisher Scientific marketplace (Buy discounted reagents and free shipping on thousands of different products). 
  • >75% discounts on Fedex shipments. 
  • Free access to the premium version of Protocols. Io, an online tool for creating, storing and sharing lab protocols. 
  • Discounted access to sci spot (an online platform to Automate Lab Management)


Of course! Here are a few biotech companies that started as large teams at OGC.

  • Terviva
  • Mycoworks
  • ASRI (Alexander Shulgin Research Institute)
  • huee

And many more!

Is there any parking nearby?

OGC has excellent public transportation options, so you don’t need to drive. If you do bring your car, there are more than 15 secure parking spots available on premise.

What are the socializing options near OGC?

Feel free to bring in friends/investors and chill out in our own courtyard or take them out for a coffee/ sandwich right next door.

There are several delicious multi-cuisine restaurants right around the corner.

  • Oaklandia cafe – 82ft from OGC (4.7/5 rating).
  • Petit Cafe – 300ft from OGC (5 /5 rating).
  • Pill Hill Deli – 300ft from OGC (4.5 /5 rating).
  • Jabena Cafe – 0.2 miles from OGC (5 /5 rating).
  • Starbucks, Chipotle, Sprouts Farmer’s market, 500ft from OGC
  • Gogi Time (Korean) – 0.4 miles from OGC (4.3/5 rating).
  • Dan Sung Sa (late-night Korean) – 0.3 miles from OGC (4.5/5 rating).
  • Oasis Food Market (Middle Eastern) – 0.2 miles from OGC (5 /5 rating).
  • Lula (Eritrean) – 0.3 miles from OGC (4.2 /5 rating).
  • Judoku Sushi (Japanese) – 0.3 miles from OGC (4.5 /5 rating).

Sneak Peek into OGC's Spaces for Large Teams

OGC was our first lab space – not only did we make our first discoveries there, but we benefited from rubbing elbows with other startups – the OGC alumni is a growing list of successes!


Jim AstwoodChief Technology Officer, TerViva

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